Mano Mask Necklace & Blacktime Series Bracelet Set
Mano Mask Necklace & Blacktime Series Bracelet Set 

Mano Mask Necklace & Blacktime Series Bracelet Set

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The Mano Mask necklace and blacktime series bracelet set is the perfect piece for anyone interested in the culture of the Mano.


“Ma. Known also as the Mano, a name given them by the Bassa, meaning literally, Ma-people, in Bassa. They reside today in Nimba County. They are surrounded by the Republic of Guinea, the Kpelle, Bassa and Dan. A group of Ma also resides in Guinea. The Ma consist of three chiefdoms, namely: Sanniquellie-Mah Chiefdom,  Saclepea-Mah Chiefdom, and Yarwein-Mehnsonoh Chiefdom.”

Excerpt From: Dunn, Elwood D.; Beyan, Amos J.; Burrowes, Carl Patrick. “Historical Dictionary of Liberia.” 


The Mano Mask Necklace and Blacktime Series Bracelet is delivered in a traditional lappa cloth bag for protection and storage. 
A Mano Masktape can be referrenced to hear audio records of ancient Ma dialectical prays, mantra's, stories, and affirmations. Historical maps of the Ma people migration patterns can be found with a subscription to the Camarilla Maskbook™ Encylclopedia. 


Marvelously Polished Camwood Mask Sigula 

  • Camwood Black Afrotropical Beads 
  • Authentic Gaurentee Trime Rope for long lasting durability 
  • Mano Mask Segula Charm for Divine Creativity.
  • Recognized amongst the main chiefdoms of the Mano Mask empire. 
  • Access to Camarilla Mask™ 16 Tribes® Cultural Events discounted rate where logo is displayed. 
  • Access to online cultural classes on crypto developments, language arts, mask technokology, and afrotropical geopraphy.
  • Exclusive discounts on delivery services and rooms available through


Clockspeed 100mhz

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